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| Maria Nohelia | 13 | Nicaragua | Pretty Little Liars | I love and support all the girls, but Chloe and Maddie are my favorites.


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Maddie in the group dance “Nothing to fear but fear Itself

"My head to head competition this week is Jade, because
she’s also doing a solo, so it’s gonna be pretty tough”



Chloe - Gets verbally abused by Abby and also manipulated (those little digs in her solos) as well as emotional abuse and exclusion

Maddie - Manipulated,Emotional abuse,Exploited and Abby kissing Maddie was a line crossed way too far

Mackenzie - Manipulated,Exploited



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"At the top of the pyramid… is Kendall"

Chloe Lukasiak takes the ALS ice bucket challenge 


200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

Anonymous: Can you do a chloe follow forever since chloe gets hate from allot of Maddie blogs & this would be a way for chloe fans to avoid that negativity


sure I guess
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